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Maidwell in Britain Flag
press wheel
Moler with press wheels (2)

Mole Plough Manufacturers UK


Press Wheels

Maidwell Molers are built with 2 long wide beams and a high clearance design which means there is no beam around the leg. The big benefit of this is that they do not block up with trash like conventional beam molers which bung up and cause them to lift out of the ground which in turn means they are not doing the job right.

The leg pitch adjuster on our mole drainers, when set up correctly produce very little heave but mole draining on grassland and farmers direct drilling want very little or no surface disturbance behind the leg which is the reason for our press wheels.


Our press wheels can be fitted to any of our machines as an option when purchasing or can be fitted to any existing machines at a later date, supplied as a kit.


You can see from the photos below how very effective they are at the job.

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